To insert the Maratea Guide on the home screen of your iPhone, follow these simple instructions.

Start Safari  and go to
Touch the Share button in the toolbar (at the top of the iPad screen and at the bottom of the iPhone or iPod Touch) and then Add to Home  
If required, assign the Maratea Guide name or simply Maratea before touching the Add button  .    -  Well done !

The icon can then be dragged and / or moved where you want, even inside an APP folder.
To cancel, operate as for any APP, by holding down and clicking on the "x" at the top left of the icon

FREE APP is a responsive website for which it can be used not only on the PC but also on tablets and smartphones.
For this reason, but also to minimize the occupation of space on your mobile phone we have chosen not to do yet another APP but to explain how to have as an APP on the home screen of your Iphone, Samsung, Huaweii or other without having to open the internet browser.
  If you have not already done so, here are the simple instructions for the two types of smartphone:



Here's how to add the site to the home screen of your Samsung, Huaweii or other smartphone with the Android operating system:

Start Internet    or Chrome  from the home screen and open the site

Touch the Menu button  (usually top right) and then Add link on Home.

If required, type the name of Maratea's Guide or Maratea only, as you prefer.

The icon, like any other APP, can be moved wherever you want.

Done !

As with other apps, even Maratea's Guide can be removed by holding down the icon and moving it to the top of the trash (Remove).