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On this page you can find the answes to the most frequent questions about Maratea


It is very likely that your needs have already answered this page, but if you do not find the answer to the question you are interested in then

send us a message...

How can I find the topic of my interest on the site?

You can use the internal search engine or the site map.
If you do not find anything on the subject you are looking for, you can write us: usually we can respond within 48 hours.

Do you know the Holy Masses time in Maratea?

Find the Holy Mass time in the pages dedicated to the Church of Maratea, the village of the 44 churches!
Schedules may be out of date so we advise you to call the Parishes to update the schedules. 

Contact us for more info

Is there a tourism office in Maratea?

There is an office of the Tourist Promotion Agency (APT) of Basilicata which provides information and tourist assistance.

The addresses are: APT Basilicata - Maratea Office - Piazza B. Vitolo, 1 85046 MARATEA Tel. 0973 030366

Where is it possible to rent boats in Maratea and who to contact?

One of the most interesting aspects of Maratea is the variety of landscapes and natural beauties that can be enjoyed only by discovering them by boat. There are various opportunities to rent a boat: at the Port of Maratea, at the Appropodo di Castrocucco, at various bathing establishments. 

Contact us for information.

We are organizing a trip to Maratea: can you suggest a guide to accompany us on your visit?

It is also essential to Maratea, as for the visit of any tourist attraction, to take advantage of a "cicerone" that will accompany us and show us all the beauties, the curiosities and above all the "spirit" Marateota.

More information at the APT (see APT) or contact us

What is the restaurant where you eat better?

We do not pretend to be able to give advice in this field, because much depends on tastes and preferences. 

We are proud, however, to be able to say that our site is the only one to provide more information to choose your restaurant well.

Go to the restaurants page and ... enjoy your meal!

Is there a Dialysis service at the Maratea Hospital?


Information directly to the Dialysis Service of the Maratea Hospital tel. 0973.875682

Is there a car hire that gives me the car at the station?

Yes of course.

For information contact us.

I'm looking for news about my ancestors living in Maratea: is there anyone who can help me?

We gladly publish the appeals of this type that also help to rebuild a tissue of common roots for all the "moved" by Maratea.

Find these ads on the geneaological research page with the address to write to us.

I would like to receive informative material about your beautiful location: can you send it to us?

Al momento non forniamo questo servizio : potete rivolgervi sempre all'APT  che ha tra i compiti istituzionali la fornitura di materiale informativo turistico su Maratea.

Is there a bus service to get to the Christ from the station?

Yes, there is.  but only in the summer timetable scheduling. Otherwise the best solution is to take a taxi or take a bus to the Old Town and then take a taxi or walk to reach the top of Monte San Biagio.

I would like to book a berth for my boat at the Port: do you offer this service?

No. You should contact the various companies that manage the mooring services directly.
Contact us  for the contact details of the various companies.

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