Statue of Redemeer - the Christ 

The Christ of Maratea. he is not only a spiritual guide.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer of Maratea is the work of the Florentine sculptor Bruno Innocenzi (Florence 1906-1986) and was commissioned by Count Stefano Rivetti of Valcervo. 

The statue was erected in 1965 on the summit of Monte San Biagio in the old Maratea Superior, also called Castle, the place where once stood a memorial cross in stone.


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Numbers of the Christ of Maratea

The statue of Maratea is second in size only to the Christ of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro: it is 21 meters high, with an arm span of 19 meters and a face that measures 3 meters.

The statue is made of reinforced concrete covered with a mixture of white cement and marble from Carrara.
By virtue of the particular configuration of the face, the statue, unmistakable landmark for seafarers, gives the impression of a distant observer that the look is directed, contrary to reality, towards the sea.

The statue presents an internal technical vacuum helpful to reach the top for maintenance work, with an iron ladder can not be used for tourist purposes.

The lookout at the foot of the statue is the most scenic spot of the whole territory of Maratea with an exceptional 360 ° view of the magical outline of the coast and inland mountains.

The road to reach the top of the mountain is very spectacular with the final hairpin bends resting on piers with a few meters in height.

In summer, for the strong influx of tourists is limited access by car to a parking lot a few hundred meters from the summit, at a place called Madonna degli Ulivi , from where a shuttle bus takes visitors to the Basilica of San Biagio and the Christ .

The statue & the Basilica

The statue is located right in front of the Santuario di San Biagio, patron saint of Maratea whose relics are preserved in the Basilica from 732 A.D. .
The Basilica can be visited with the decorum due to a place of prayer, all day except for the times when the sacred functions are performed.
Along the slightly uphill walkway that leads to the Basilica Statue crossing the ruins of the ancient Maratea Castle, destroyed by the French after the tender following a long siege, in December of 1806.

All the way and the two viewpoints, the Basilica and the statue, are ideal places for taking photographs of the wonderful landscape of Maratea.
On-site there are local craft stores for shopping and dining bar.

The defining moment for a memorable visit of the Castle Village is to the days of the Feast of St. Blaise; for the most romantic, suggestive are walks at dusk or dawn, in the glare of June ...

useful hints to visit the Christ of Maratea

Opening time
In Winter: Open access, open 24 hours 24

In Summer: Admission fee

ADDRESS: Maratea, Borgo Castello - Top of Monte San Biagio, ca. 640 meters s.l.m.

summer: 5 eur / car for parking (first hour) ; 3 eur/car following hours
Shuttle service 1 euro/person Return