The villages of Maratea

How many Maratea ? 

The town of Maratea is composed of several hamlets: a satellite system of villages that gravitate around the original urban core of Maratea center called Centro Storico (Old Town, formerly known as "Il Borgo") located on the south side of the valley, at an altitude of 310 mt. above sea level, on the slopes of Monte San Biagio.

The municipal area borders as well as with the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the municipalities of Sapri (Salerno, Campania), Tortora (Cosenza, Calabria), Rivello and Trecchina (Potenza, Basilicata).

On the coast, from north to south, the villages are respectively Acquafredda, Cersuta, Fiumicello-Santa Venere, Porto, Marina di Maratea and Castrocucco.
Inland, east of Mount San Biagio, are the villages of Massa, Brefaro and Santa Caterina (the Castle); west of the same mountain, Curzo and Campo.
They are so many, and not a single Maratea: this is the charm of Maratea.

the Map


The most northern seaside village

Brefaro & Massa

The authenticity of mountain villages

Castello di Maratea

The ancient "Maratia Superior"


Former independent fief; the southernmost

Centro Storico

The Borough of  "Maratia Inferior"


Spectacular descents to the sea

Port of Maratea

The ancient fishing port

Marina di Maratea

Scenic coastline and fabulous beaches

Guided tours and Activities


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