Curiosities about Maratea

Maybe not everyone knows that Maratea ...

Small and great curiosities concerning Maratea, often known only for its beauty and its nature.


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Built in Long Beach, USA by MC-Donnell Douglas, the MD-82 MARATEA of Alitalia came into service for the Italian flag company on 21 December 1990. It was part of a fleet of 90 planes of its class, named after names of Italian cities, ordered by Alitalia since 1985 and service until 2012. The MD-82 entitled Maratea had the I-DACS air registration mark while the manufacturer's serial number was 53053/1806. Equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW JT8D turbine engines, it was equipped with 141 seats between class C (business) and Y (economical).
The MD-82 MARATEA carried out the latest commercial flight on December 11, 2010, the AZ1494 from Verona to Rome Fiumicino where it was parked until it was transferred to Istanbul Airport on June 26, 2014. Subsequently, it was transferred to Varna Airport in Bulgaria where it remained until July 15, 2016, when it was restored and re-registered with the LZ-ADV mark, was delivered to the Bulgarian company ALK Airlines, which still uses it.

... Is it a FIAT?

Yes, Maratea is the name of a 52 kw (72 HP) FIAT 131 2500 D Station Wagon (the "Panorama") produced  and sold by FIAT from June 1983 to February 1985. During the same period, it was also sold the "2000" petrol version of 1995 cc, with 83 kw (113 hp).


new Maserati LEVANTE , Grigio Maratea  color

And then again, Maratea is ...

MARATEA  the birthplace of Totò, that is Antonio Manfredi, the lottologist among the protagonists of the lucky broadcast of Channel 5 "La Domenica del Villaggio" conducted by Davide Mengacci
 MARATEA is the name of a "cocktail" whose ingredients are: 1/2 Martini Rosso; 1/4 Slivovitz; 1/4 lemon juice; An orange bitter spray
 MARATEA is the name of a 9-acre coastal area on the Atlantic Ocean in St. Augustine, Florida (USA), north of Tampa. The land is a public park with beach, for the benefit of the entire community town, bought with great economic sacrifices by the civic administration.
 MARATEA is also the name of a medieval olive oil mill located in the ancient center of Vico del Gargano (in Apulia), in natural cavities and medieval factories, one of the first oil extraction plants mentioned in a 1318 document, still existing and accessible
 Giuseppe Garibaldi reached MARATEA on 2 September 1860 and then embarked on a boat to reach Sapri.
MARATEA is the name of the ghost of the homonymous case of Commissioner Boffa, a literary character born of the fantasy of the writer of the Marche, Luciano Anselmi (Fano 1934-1996). The book "The Commissioner Boffa" contains the story <The Ghost Maratea> and <Il Palazzaccio>, edited by Fabbri Ed. In 1973.
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MARATEA has been the location of several films, the most spicy of which is "La Vedovella", a production in B / N Italy / France in 1964, with Peppino De Filippo, Margaret Lee, Aroldo Tieri, Richard Billi and Felix Marten By Silvio Siano. Visit the Cinema at Maratea for other movies
MARATEA was also the name of a fraction of Umbriatico (a town near Crotone in Calabria) that Roger de Lauria, a follower of Aragon, with his Almugaveri, after the conquest of Cassano, Cerchiara, and Strongoli Crotone, invaded and devastated as well as other places and Umbriatico himself, whose bishops Roger and Lucifer had taken a position entirely in favor of Charles II of Anjou (War of Vespers, 1282).

 To carry out genealogy research on the oldest Maratea families, you must go to the State Archives of Naples, where you will find the "CATASTO ONCIARIO " (Congregational Land Registry)  which contains in addition to the description of the goods, the Status Animarum, that is, the complete list of resident families: That of Maratea was compiled in 1753

 Felice Tortorella, better known as Cino Tortorella or even better as Mago Zurli '(Ventimiglia 1932 -Milano 2017), an Italian author, director and TV presenter, creator of the famous Zecchino d'Oro and many other lucky television shows, had ancestors from Maratea.

in a cruise

COSTA MAGICA, one of the most recent cruise liners (102,600 tons of tonnage and 3,470 maximum capacity guests), has on the main deck, the one with pools, the Lido Maratea, so called for the beauty of the equipment.