Churches and Chapels in Maratea

A visit ... to the  44 Churches of Maratea !

The town of Maratea is rightly known for the many churches and chapels that dot its territory, a tangible sign of centuries of strong religious traditions in the population but also of a great sensitivity in the preservation and restoration of works of architecture and art.


The Culture Of Restoration

The special and widespread feeling of attention to beauty has led to the flourishing of important skills in the field of architectural and artistic restoration of Maratea making it a center of excellence in this area.
An important step in this direction were all recovery of the real estate assets of religious initiatives within the framework of the various stages of post-earthquake reconstruction, since the eighties of last century.
Thanks to all that today we have almost all the churches of Maratea refurbished and this offers visitors the opportunity to fully enjoy the facilities and the interior works.

Let's visit the churches !

Of course the area with higher density of worship is that of the Old Town, where more has been for centuries the presence of Christian communities.

There are also isolated emergencies in a more or less accessible areas of the territory of Maratea, related to the hermitage and experience of the Basilian monks and constructions built on the ruins of ancient pagan temples such as the Basilica of the Shrine of St. Blaise.

There are also a number of Minor Chapels and churches that characterize the streets and alleys, and although they are less important than the main churches are still very interesting to visit.

We therefore propose a virtual trip in the various places of worship "marateoti", to reinforce the memory in those who have already visited the churches or to provide guidance to those who are about to to do it.

The Churches are listed in order of importance and village.