WHAT TO DO IN MARATEA in 1 , 3 or 7 days

Maratea. It never cease to amaze you!

Here are some tips to organize their days in Maratea and know what to do besides the beach and the sea, whether you have a single day whether it can remain several days.
The area also offers many opportunities for hiking and nature walks run by sports associations and local guides.

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One day

Having only one day at your disposal to use it is essential to know the strengths of Maratea.
Here is a route that can be virtually divided into two parts with a break for lunch and a siesta.

upper Maratea ( St. Blas & Christ)  


Old Town


Port to dinner & after dinner

One day ( alternative)

A new way of visiting the city with themed treasure hunts. Test your skills, have fun and explore the city with our adventures

There's no clock on our Adventures and this allows you to explore the city as you see fit.
While solving the puzzles you can make stops to visit the monuments and museums but also to make purchases or eat and drink in the premises along the way. 

As you follow the tracks, you can solve the hidden clues on existing buildings, on monuments and along roads, to discover the location of the buried treasure.
The itinerary begins in Piazza Vitolo in Maratea and follows in the footsteps of Abdul Al-Zacar, taking you around the historical center of Maratea. You will discover the most interesting places and also the less known ones of the old city to then head towards the Christ the Redeemer and finally conclude your Adventure at the Port.

You can buy the adventures at selected points of sale or  you can directly buy here your adventures and download them immediately .


Self guided city tour with treasure hunt  


Port to dinner & after dinner

3th day (alternative)

Rivello & Grumentum 


The city grib


A dip in History

4th day

Certosa of Padula  &  Grottos of Pertosa

4th Day (alternative)

Fiuzzi : Dino's island ,  San Nicola Arcella 

&  Diamante: the Murals town

Guided tours and Activities