Officina AltriTurismi

L' Officina (the "workshop")

The "Officina AltriTurismi" is the seasonal operational headquarters of the AltriTurismi ETS Association in Maratea.
In addition to being a place for meetings and social gatherings, the "Officina" provides everything  the Members  need to know about their visit in Maratea and the surrounding areas, from the best things to do to practical information such as transport, handy maps and accommodation. 
On site it is possible to join the Association and make liberal donations to it.


Arts & Events

The Officina AltriTurismi opens its doors  to host multimedia exhibitions, personal paintings and photographs, performative and musical events, readings, debates, and presentations of cultural and editorial initiatives. 

But also playful events, tastings of typical products, photographic exhibitions, and audiovisual projections, collections and handicraft exhibitions. 

An immersive experience that will lead you to discover the wonders of Maratea, enriched with valuable tourist information to make the most of every moment of your visit.

FREE ENTRANCE ( also for non-members)

Where we are

You can find us at 14 Sospiro Street, in the Historic Center of Maratea, just behind Piazza Buraglia, also called "a chiazza".

We are open during the summer months, in the evening hours, which may vary depending on the activities we carry out.

We suggest calling in advance to make sure you find us or to arrange a meeting: Tel. +39 347 4060707.

perchè Officina

from the Italian Dictionary:


n. f. archaic - any artisan workshop; today, a laboratory or industrial establishment where mechanical work is carried out;

fig. - any environment where skills are honed and products of culture and art are born.

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