Don't be afraid of the highway A3 SA-RC

Diary of a trip to Maratea, by Cristiana Alicata 

Do not be scared by the Salerno-Reggio Calabria.
It's worth.
Recommended exit and entry (if you go there in August is practically mandatory) Padula instead Lagonegro, which is the exit-entry to the north.
A beautiful well-kept state (especially just start Basilicata and Campania ends) will take you to your destination.
There are points where you seem to be in Switzerland or Ireland.
Green everywhere and small town homes.

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Where should stay

There are many places to stay around Maratea.
If you search the neighboring districts, which are also the closest to the sea, of the center of Maratea: Rasi, Fiumicello, Acquafredda, Marina di Maratea
We have stayed here where even we could keep the dog, as the Rasi have much green available.
We made the choice of an apartment, to be able to cook because we were expecting exorbitant prices.
But this did not happen and therefore we recommend a B & B.
We are in the south, but the marateoti have great care of everything.

Where to eat

Surely by Biagio, where we went even twice (on the road from Fiumicello rooms in Maratea, on the left). Fresh ricotta ravioli with lemon flavor with homemade sauce. Handmade cavatelli with tomato sauce and eggplant.
Local Genuine Pork tasted in the form of sausage and steak. The vegetable salad. Tomatoes that smell from a distance. Caciocavallo. Good house wine. The first time we spent 16 € each, the second less than 15 €. Of course, not bad, and now on recommending only those who make it, both times was given to the receipt without asking. Going by Biagio is how to unplug it with the world outside and jump into the last century, slowly and pleasantly. Then you can go to Sapri, which is on the border with Campania, eat at Lampara held by a local boy who left Rome to return home and open the restaurant. Go there maybe not on Friday or Saturday, in a day of calm, which will treat you better. Cost between 20 and 30 per head.
In Maratea center, if you really want, you could try to see if the FARMACIA DEI SANI ( Pharmacy of the healths) will make you eating (cold cuts and cheeses,  'nduja alone or with beans, chestnuts seasoned, then passed it in front of other dishes off the menu that nobody had described to us) are a bit 'strange (meaning that with 3 empty tables they did not want to sit us and at the end I insisted and they made us eat but what they said, in short, are a bit' nasty). There you can also buy  'nduja. Cost about 20 € per person.

Where to drink

Surely the Amaro of Maratea (herb liqueur) in the small wine bar on the steps next to the church, where a bitter costs 1 €. But you drink sitting on the stairs, we liked it, but it is better to tell you. If you ask the lady a treat, the daughter has a pastry shop and the lady you like to take even a tray of almond paste. Then the bar Sombrero on the road that goes from Fiumicello in Acquafredda, where Mimmo and his son will do the most good Mojito in the area or a Caipiroska of wild strawberries picked that morning. With Mimmo will also do a chat on Basilicata and politics, he is always helpful and smiling especially if wearing one of his T-shirts with the little lights to make it appear to be less old.


Where to go on the beach

Should I keep it for me this beach, but for the democratic instinct I share it. 280 steps, exactly where there's Sombrero Bar (Acquafredda) and descend in a beach of small stones that you will love. There is no bar down, so remember to stock up on. Cersuta Beach (near Acquafredda , pitch black and very charming.
The most famous beaches (Spiaggia Nera - Black Beach for example) are very crowded in the weeks of August, so if you can avoid them, those mentioned before have nothing to envy. Rent a boat is worth. Prices range from 120 € / 150 € including gasoline (prices at the port of Maratea, by reservation only, they can not cope with all the requests) to the lower prices of Marina di Castrocucco or Sapri where we recommend you go for save 20 € and can decide on the morning depending on the weather if you take the boat. By boat you can have fun along the coast between small coves and beaches reachable only by boat. Be careful how you put the anchor if you have small boats and with little rope. It easily fits and if you are not an expert you have to cut and go straight to the port.

What see

Obviously the center of Maratea to walk far and wide. It's worth a stroll to Rivello, maybe if the weather is bad, and up to Lake Sirino. At the edge of the inland roads are selling peppers, wild strawberries, figs, Tropea onions, blackberries, mushrooms.

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just some notes...


The care of the roads (borders, walls, asphalt), general cleaning and reception sites, the receipt made anywhere (even in parking lots on the beaches), make this little corner of the south  a happy anomaly.

If you go there,  help to preserve this spirit without touching anything.

Maratea is no longer a chic destination of the 70s and that maybe saved it from speculation.
There are no celebrities, there are no giant yachts or hotties strolling in the lanes for the pleasure of the male gaze.

There are many children, families (mostly Neapolitan) and returned migrants to make the holidays at home.

Do not disturb them, be discreet and enjoy a piece of the south.

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