Coast and towers in Maratea

Coast of Maratea. From Acquafredda to Castrocucco

The Tyrrhenian coast of Basilicata is entirely composed of the vast territory of Maratea (area 6,732 hectares) between Campania (the municipality of Sapri) to the north and Calabria to the south (town of Tortora);  the coastline is 32 km long, it is dotted with six towers and is located within the Gulf of Policastro.


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The whole coast, from tower to tower, North Coast

Maratea coast is bordered by various signaling towers, all built in the late sixteenth century to protect the pirate raids; from North to South we are:
Torre of Crivi, the height of the Midnight Channel [see photo], quadrangular, ruin;
Torre of Acquafredda, almost to the extreme south of the town of Acquafredda, quadrangular, ruin;
Torre Apprezzami the donkey, to the south of Cersuta, on a spur overlooking to the sea, with a square plan, ruin;
Torre Santavenere, originally quadrangular, was renovated in the 50's and 60's, and appears to be the largest of all the coastal towers of Maratea; the height of the Santavenere Tower, is a buoy with top mark to X, which signals the end of a subsea pipeline: from this point is very visible the historic center of Maratea and the high of the Redeemer Statue 22 m located on Monte San Biagio ( 630 m).
The statue is the most visible element of the area, along the arc of the horizon even at night: in fact, in the summer months the statue is illuminated.

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south Coast

Tower Filocaio, south of Porto, also renovated, a square; southernmost islet S. Ianni comes detached from the coast and low over the water, (max 8m).
The summit is marked by a cross and the island is almost completely covered with vegetation.
Coming from the North, in the passage between the island and the coast, you should be very careful to the rocks and shoals along the coast, and especially to the dry of Giumenta [mare]  which is right on the extension of the median parallel route to the coast.
The upper part of the dry has a quota of 1 m, but both to shore off, the transition is smooth.

Later we find Caina Tower [see photo], on a small promontory halfway between Marina di Maratea and Castrocucco, a square, ruin.

A Castrocucco are present, on the homonymous mountain, the ruins of the castle, probably of medieval origin with modifications and alterations dating back to the '600 and today completely ruined.

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