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Recipes of the first courses

The recipes of the first dishes of the  gastronomic tradition in Maratea are on the tables in the festive or everyday use, but always based on simple ingredients.
These courses are not always easy to find in local restaurants but are to be looked after as a precious asset because they give a unique experience of flavors, quality and genuineness, the fruit of the land and the sea of Maratea.
For wine combinations, as well as for the second, we recommend red and white local wines or, especially for meat dishes, a medium Aglianico del Vulture.


Ingredients (6/8 people):
4-5 artichokes
g. 500 potatoes
2-3 onions
g. 500 of beechwood already shelled
g. 200 pork bacon
beef soup
Oil crusher
Pepper and salt
Browse and sliced the onions in big pieces, then brown them briefly in the oil.
Put everything in a pot of potato and add the potatoes (peeled and cut into big dice), artichokes (sliced and cut into four cloves), beans, bacon (cut into small dice), broth, salt and The pepper.
Pass the cooked pot in a moderate heat oven and, after cooking, find out and leave the surface rough for about 15 minutes.

Christmas Eve Vermicelli

Ingredients for 6 people
gr. 450 vermicelli
8 salted salads
3 cloves of garlic
Spicy red pepper
Oil crusher
Processing: Wash, snuff, drizzle the anchovies and cut them off, then melt them in a frying pan in which you have browned the garlic in oil.
The sauce thus obtained will serve to season the cooked vermicelli "al dente"  in abundant low salt water.
Before serving, sprinkle the vermicelli with a pinch of pepper.

Spaghetti in the way of Maratea

Ingredients for 6 people
G 400 of spaghetti
G 400 of ripe tomatoes a clove of garlic
olive oil
Peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds and break them, while cutting the garlic.
Place a pot on the fire with plenty of salt water, and as soon as it is boiled, pour the spaghetti, baking on a live fire and pulling them off when they are "al dente".
Then, once drained, put them on a bowl by combining raw tomatoes and garlic, and adding a few spoonfuls of oil.
Mix well, place a lid on the bowl, and place the container in a container in which the boiling water reaches three to four inches from the bowl of the bowl.
Finally, let the pasta rest ten minutes, and serve.


Ingredients for 6 people
G 450 of bucatini
ripe tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
Oil crusher
Boil the tomatoes for a few minutes in water, play them and after removing the seeds cut into pieces, add the chopped garlic into large pieces.
Separately cooked in salt water and stuffed " al dente "  with tomato and raw oil in a large serving dish that you will spend for fifteen minutes on a pot of boiling water before serving on the table


Ingredients for 6/8 people
Kg ½ scorpionfish, saraghi, cuttlefish, and other rockfish
Sliced homemade bread
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
Red pepper (sweet / spicy)
Oil crusher
Swear and devour the fish, wash them and cut them into pieces. In a saucepan, fry garlic in oil, then add the sliced fish and the onion to thin parsley and red pepper.
After 5 minutes pour sufficient amount of water for cooking and salty.
Abut the slices of bread, put them in the bases and, when finished, pour the fish into each dish together with the cooking broth. is managed by
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