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The desserts of Maratea, while representing varieties of pastry already present in other areas of the South - especially Campania - have their own character that distinguishes them, both for flavors and ingredients, and for colors and shapes.

Almost always linked to particular moments of the year - Christmas, the feast of San Biagio - the sweets of Maratea today have become important witnesses of local gastronomic culture, like sausage and mozzarella of Massa.

As with the first and second typical courses of Maratea,  we provide the following recipes for preparing home-made delicacies


Ingredients for 8 people:
Kg.1 of flour for sweets
6 eggs
g. 400 of sugar
Grape mustard
Place the funnel on the work surface and pour into the center the eggs, sugar, loose melted loaves and a pinch of salt.
Work the dough carefully and let it rest for about 60 minutes.
Use the compound thus obtained to lend the appropriate moldings; Fill it with the mustard, close it all with a pasta flour and bake them in the oven for as long as necessary.




G.300 almonds
g. 300 chocolate powder
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons sugar
A handful of cinnamon powder
2 cloves
3 cups of coffee
Processing: Grind the almonds in a mortar and add flour, sugar, cinnamon and cloves cloved.
Mix everything and put it on a fountain on the pavement.
Dissolve the chocolate with the coffee, pour it into the fountain and carefully work it out: with the dough formed of regular squashes in the shape of a rhombus, aligning it in a baking pan, already lumped and dusted with flour.
Place in the oven and cook at moderate temperature for as long as necessary to obtain a fine golden color.
After cooking, cover the half cakes with white icing and half with the chocolate and let it dry.
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g. 600 di farina per dolci 
g. 150 di zucchero vanigliato 
vino bianco 
Buccia d’arancia grattugiata 
Olio di frantoio 
Zucchero a velo 

Lavorazione: Versate in mezzo litro d’acqua lo zucchero, un po’ di vino, un pizzico di sale, il burro e la buccia d’arancia; portate ad ebollizione il tutto quindi aggiungete  a poco a poco la farina a spruzzi rimescolando senza interruzione con un cucchiaio di legno.
Rovesciate l’impasto ancora caldo su una spianatoia unta d’olio e prendendone un poco per volta plasmate delle piccole ciambelle da friggere in olio bollente. 
Condite con zucchero a velo o miele.  
Per conoscere la storia, le curiosità e il significato delle Zeppole  


Utilizzate nell’impasto anche del lievito di birra ; prima di friggere fate riposare l’impasto per un ora in luogo caldo, per dargli modo di lievitare. is managed by
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