In Basilicata with Valentina | Angelo Petrosino

"In Basilicata con Valentina"  

by  Angelo Petrosino 

Il battello a vapore. Serie Valentina 
2005, 79 pages

about Sea and other stories

"Valentina, Basilicata is the most beautiful place in the world!" He always says Rocco, the director of my favorite bookstore.
Rocco was born right there and he feels a strong feeling of love for his land.
"Are not you exaggerating a bit '? The other Italian regions are beautiful ... "I say to him to tease him.
"They are not as Basilicata. »
He must know it very well, because every time I see him he tells me about a different area: Maratea and Potenza, the Monticchio Lakes, Matera, the Pollino massif ... What a thrill when the teacher asked me to take a holiday in Basilicata with his family and Tazio!


Angelo Petrosino
 was born February 3, 1949 in Castellaneta (TA) and the age of ten  he emigrated to France.
At first in the Auvergne, then moved to Paris that he considers his adopted city.
Both his years in the country of origin and  the period of stay in France, they have been decisive in many ways.
He recalled them in a book which is titled "Mi chiamo Angelo - Storia di un viaggio (My name is Angel - Story of a journey.)"
He also stayed in other large cities and, since 1964 resides permanently in Chivasso, in the province of Turin.
Since 1969 he teaches in the elementary school.
Since the early 80s began to collaborate on education magazines and children's literature. 

His interests were immediately turned to children's literature: not only Italian but also foreign.
The knowledge of the main European languages enabled him to know first hand what is published in this area.

The early eighties also date his first contacts with some schools in Cornwall.
For fifteen years he met from within the world of the English primary school and has discussed about it in articles and essays.
  Devon and Cornwall back often as stories background  in the diaries Jessica  as well  in Valentina books.