Blu Maratea | Corrado Calabro'

"Blu Maratea"

by Corrado Calabrò

Roma, 2002  pagg. 272 

Of the sea and other stories ...

Corrado Calabrò wrote, as "no poet since the time of Montale" (Aldo M. Morace), of the "sea as a source of life, a sea as long as and as long as possible feelings" (Claudio Volpi), that "Mediterranean sea" which connects lands with distinct outlines "(Dante Maffia)," sea, desert of restlessness and divinity of fear "(Piero Cimatti).
      Calabrò tries a synthesis between scientific and philosophical truth, and poetic discovery and involves us in the pleasure of his research, of his navigation in himself towards the other by himself, he transmits the pleasure of waiting for an imminent revelation.
     The scan of his language is the most interesting novelty: in his verse the metric gives the poem the measure of our attention.
     Calabrò in his pages (the iconography is essential for its stripping) pursues a lyric and speculative tension, his absolute confession: mental concerts of the feeling of existence, of love, of time, which escape us like the sea.
In 2003, at San Felice Circeo Corrado Calabrò won the International Award "La Cultura del Mare" with "Blu Maratea".


Corrado Calabrò  
Corrado Calabrò was born in Reggio Calabria, on the shores of the Mediterranean.
He has published thirteen books of poetry, from First Waiting (Guanda, 1960) to The same risk (Crocetti, 2000).
The complete collection (at the time) of his poems was published by Mondadori in 1992 under the title Rosso d'Alicudi (three editions).
Calabrò's poems have been translated into French, English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Modern Greek, Hungarian and Swedish.
Of his lyrics a compact disk was made by the record company Ricordi: the voices are by Achille Millo and Riccardo Cucciolla.
He is also the author of the novel Remember to forget it (Newton & Compton, 1999), finalist of the Strega prize (five editions).
Senior State official, he has held various positions such as President of Chamber of the Court of Auditors, President of TAR Lazio, Head of Cabinet of various Ministries and Governments, President of Communications Authority.

For his literary work, the Mechnikov University of Odessa, in 1997, and the Vest Din University of Timisoara, in 2000, conferred on Corrado Calabrò an honorary degree.