Fuoco grande (GREAT FIRE) C. Pavese  Maratea


by Cesare Pavese and Bianca Garufi 
edited by Mariarosa Masoero 
Turin , Einaudi 2003     XLVI-80 pages

The unfinished

The "FUOCO GRANDE ( in English : Great Fire) " novel, written in early 1946 in alternating chapters by Cesare Pavese and Bianca Garufi and unfinished chapter eleven, was found posthumously among the Pavese papers.

The princeps edition came out in 1959 by Einaudi, by the will of Italo Calvino.
The title chosen by Pavese was "Journey in the blood", later changed to "Great Fire" by the publisher, taking a cue from a phrase of the servant Catina, using a saying of the spoken Sicilian-Calabrian to indicate difficult situations.
Each chapter shows, alternately, the views of John and Silvia, the two main characters of a story very dark and bitter, which takes place mostly in Maratea, girl's hometown

the Author

Cesare Pavese (Santo Stefano Belbo Torino 1908- 1950) was an Italian writer.

  Activity as a novelist and poet beside that of essayist and translator and was among the founders of the publishing house Einaudi.

First director of the magazine Culture and assiduous translator of American authors, was then the life of the publishing house Einaudi in its first 17 years of history, both as an editor and as a writer.

All his works were published by Einaudi and are regularly reprinted.