Lucanians in the world | People of Lucania


Turn many Lucanians for the world, but no one sees them, are not exhibitionists. Lucanian, more than any other people, live well in the shade.
Where did nests, does not call into turmoil the neighborhood with threats and even the "mumciupì" with the claims.
It is of few words.
Lucanians in the world | People of Lucania
by Leonardo Sinisgalli
When he is  walking prefers to take off your shoes, go barefoot.
When he works, he does not speak, he does not sing.
It is not clear where ever they have borrowed so much patience, so much endurance.
Accustomed to be content with the least possible they will marvel always happy atmosphere of the neighbors, the exuberance of his companions, the excitement of the next.
Lucano is born and remains.
The emigrants who return from Colombia or Brazil, Argentina or Australia, Venezuela or the United States, after forty years of absence, never tell nothing of life having between exiles.
Fall in a matter of village day, in hovels or caves, they are content to chew fennel or a lettuce leaf, watching a pot boiling, to listen to the fire that raves.
And going out at dawn if they have a job or a duty to be performed, go out in the dark to get back at night.
This is not a vocation to the conspiracy or the robbery but an instinctive distrust of the sun. Where there is too much light Lucanian disappears, where there is too much noise Lucanian hides . It does not have time to understand this animal, to take a step along the road, which already runs the turn. To go where?
Friends who have some familiarity with Lucanians have understood the strategy and they make them stew in their own juice. There is a Lucanian hallmark,  suddenly escaped to passengers, by Norman Douglas to Carlo Levi, escaped to the benefactors, by Adriano Olivetti to Clara Light, and perhaps the same sociologists.
Lucanian never consoled by what he did, not just what he does not.
Lucanian is haunted by the demon of dissatisfaction.
Talk to a farmer, a shepherd, a winemaker with a craftsman.
Talk to him about his work.
He will answer he had in mind something else, something different.
He will do it again.

Lucanians in the world | People of Lucania
by Leonardo Sinisgalli

As Hindus, like the Etruscans he also thinks that perfection is not of this world.
And in fact, schoolchildren and coopers, masons and tailors, bricklayers and bakers will be buried again with all their tools.
They think they can do the work in another life.
When there will be peace.
They do not find on earth the conditions necessary to be able to do the best they can do.
Strange ethics.
The last touch, the touch of grace Lucan would never find it.
Yet in the drawing sharpness it will seem to glimpse the work accomplished.
Missing a breath.
This is a people that wisdom has led to the senselessness thresholds.
Like a chicken foot down in front of the line drawn in chalk ,  the intelligence of Lucanian it turns away for nothing, freezes just hear a pin drop.

Lucanians in the world | People of Lucania
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