Basilicata. Neverland

Basilicata has the lowest population density among the Italian regions after the Val d'Aosta, with 61 inhabitants / sq. Km; About 610,000 inhabitants live in 131 municipalities with 47% mountainous territory, 45% hilly and only 8% flat.
It is bathed by two seas, the Tyrrhenian Sea, where Maratea and the Ionio rises, with Policoro and Metaponto, but the liquid elements that make it a unique reality in Southern Italy are water and oil, of which Basilicata is rich.


le dighe

Water, the source of life

The water is harnessed in the dams of Monte Cutugno on the river Sinni, Pietra di Pertusillo on the river Agri, San Giuliano on the river Bradano, Camasta and Serra del Corvo on tributaries of the same Bradano.

The water of the region allows not only to quench the Basilicata but also and especially the nearby Puglia, which depends on Lucania for most of its water needs.

the black gold

Dal Santuario della Madonna di Viggiano, in Val d'Agri

The other great resource of Basilicata is located in Val d'Agri, with the most important oil field in Western Europe.

When fully operational, this field provides between 6 and 10% of the entire national demand with approximately 104,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and reserves estimated for 402 million barrels of oil and 13 billion cubic meters of gas.