the Nature is the Charm of Maratea

Maratea.  What about its fascination? It's the Nature !

Some people say that Maratea is one of the 20-30 most beautiful places in the world ... and it's probably true!

This definitely think those who had the fortune to know it and have been captivated by its charm.

Charm created by the treasures that nature gives this beautiful town.

Maratea, a lot of places...

But can you really consider a whole a strip of land mostly mountainous, with many settlements (villages or boroughs), which extends for over 30 km along the Tyrrhenian coast, with an area of over 67 square kilometers and tops of mountains over 1,500 meters?
I mean that there are many Maratea, each of which different but with the same beauty rate of the other.
A miracle of nature, or maybe even better a great gift of God, recognized as such by the residents who have known how to preserve it from the concrete, taking care to save it from speculation.
And anyone with a modicum of aesthetic sense can readily appreciate this effort: you can just just take a look beyond the river Noce, in Calabria, to understand the difference ...

Unspoiled nature in its maximum expression of beauty as the whole region to which it belongs, Basilicata.

And Maratea is its magnificent witness, as a window of the Region , overlooking the sea with beautiful beaches, bays and coves, seaside and mountain villages that increasingly attract foreigners looking for the retreat, new Chiantishire for Americans, British, French .. .

It is not necessary to permanently move there: just a short stay is enough to appreciate the joys of living in this land.

all the charm of Maratea

it is difficult to "explain" the Maratea appeal to those who do not know it: A guide that you're looking at is a little help to learn more about its origins and its history, its people, its gastronomy, the places to visit, eat, what to do after the sea, where to stay in small hotels or comfortable in the most prestigious Hotel
And explore the charm of Maratea learning about the names of its villages such as for example Acquafredda, Castrocucco, the Castle ... but also the surrounding places like Rivello, Trecchina, Grumentum., The Pollino National Park, the river gorges Lao, the Certosa di Padula and many more ...

edited by Jean Marout