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Castrocucco. a nature's masterpiece

At the extreme south of the coast of Maratea, on the border with Calabria, the territory of Castrocucco is, to some historians, the site of the ancient Greek city of Blanda from which would originate the current Maratea.

Castrocucco is characterized by the presence of three important points of interest include La Secca, the Gnola beach, the Castrocucco Castle.

Just the crumbling remains of the castle belonging to the Barons Labanca and the palace "annex" directly on the beach in La Secca, are witness to the only feud on the territory of Maratea.

the village map

From north to south we can  find Cape Caina, with the remains of the homonymous tower, with a vegetation which acts as the Earth's counterpart to a spectacular rocky underwater reef, from which the name of  Secca  ( English shallow), beautiful but dangerous and cause various shipwrecks in the past.

In the far south coast of the largest beach of Maratea, the beach of  d 'a Gnola, which extends down to the mouth of the Noce River, which forms the boundary between Basilicata and Calabria.

accommodation in Castrocucco

Hotel and B&B in Castrocucco - Villas

Hotel Ristorante BORGO LA TANA ***

Surrounded by nature and in quiet area the Hotel offers a lot of facilities: swimming pool, .. 

B&B Blanda

free Wi-Fi and the rooms ...


Just one km away from the La Secca, our B&B....

la Secca

Secca di Castrocucco is a stretch of approximately 1 km of the southern coast of Maratea but also named a small but beautiful cove with a very shallow water adjacent to an old baronial building.
The Secca is the realm of snorkeling for the presence of vegetation and a very rich marine life favored by shallow water.
Reachable only via sea and on foot or by car, it is without a doubt one of the most fascinating locations throughout the coast of Maratea, equipped with facilities and catering services.


Castrocucco can be reached by car or public transport of bus lines from Maratea to and from Praja a Mare (for timetables see the public transport page of Maratea).


the castle


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