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Un nuovo e divertente modo di esplorare la città
che unisce nel divertimento tutta la famiglia


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Cersuta. Spectacular descents to the sea ...

To the north, along the SS 18 State Road towards Campania, Cersuta is the first village that sits halfway and takes its name from the dialect meaning "CERSA" which stands for oak.

Among the various beaches, all very cozy and quiet, have to remember that of Cape La Nave  then one located under the tower Apprezzami l'asino, called "'u nastru"  and the  Rena da Carrubba beach  reachable only by sea .

village map

Accommodation in CERSUTA

Hotel and  B&B in Cersuta

B&B Nefer

Hundrend meters from the coastline...

B&B La Torretta

Beautiful rooms viewing the sea...

B&B Calandrella

Sea view terraces for ...

B&B Mariposa

Air conditioning and free Wi-Fi in ...

Villa Caterina

Sea view rooms on...

Tower "apprezzami l'asino"

The tower Apprezzami l'Asino in Cersuta is overlooking the sea, on the rock ledge above a stretch (more precisely, a hairpin) of State Road 18 abandoned following the construction of a tunnel through the mountain.

This point is one of the most panoramic of Maratea because it somehow represents the divide between the north and south coast.

The name of the Tower (in English: price the donkey) is derived from the custom of treating the value of the donkey that was to fall into the sea to give the donkey so coming from the opposite direction to pass.

This happened on a narrow stretch of trail just above the sea where you could pass one at a time without being able to back off.


useful hints

Cersuta is accessible by car or by public transport of the Maratea bus route to and from Sapri (for timetables see the page of Maratea public transport).

the beaches

the church

eating out in Cersuta :

Ristorante  da Cesare


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