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Not only MARATEA. Discover the sorrounding

Maratea, as known, is the only stretch of territory Lucan lapped by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Sandwiched between the two regions, Campania to the north, the southern Calabria, Maratea has naturally exchanged various contaminations with traditions and dialects of neighboring countries, geographically close but far away in other respects because of membership in three different regions.


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Discovering the sorrounding of Maratea

Starting from the North the town of  Sapri, in the province of Salerno, is definitely the most popular resort which borders Maratea.
Placed at the southern end of the Cilento and famous for the  shipment of the three hundreds patriots of  the Duke Carlo Pisacane's failed expedition in 1857 , is connected to Maratea by S.S. 18 in one of the most spectacular and scenic stretches of this road on the cliffs overlooking the coast.
Inland, just behind Maratea but in the province of Potenza Trecchina is the nearest town, both geographically and linguistic affinities in Maratea.
A typical mountain village with agricultural traditions and craft, the territory of Trecchina is characterized by great chestnut forests and a pristine environment.
Rivello in the inland is the town more attractive both from a landscape point of view and for the architecture and the monuments.
Set on the banks of the Noce River, which then flows into the sea at Castrocucco, it is considered a small gem of urban architecture.
Towards south the boundary represented by the aforementioned Noce River divides the Basilicata from Calabria, the province of Potenza from that of Cosenza and lastly the area of Maratea from that of Tortora.

Headquarters almost certain ancient city of Blanda shared in the fate of the origins of these two countries,

Tortora has a nice historical center with the  important museum of Blanda where you can see the remains of the peoples who have inhabited it: Enotri, Lucani and Romans.



Other destinations near Maratea 

Near Maratea but not neighboring ,there are other places that gravitate from a tourism point of view on the Tyrrhenian Lucan town .
Here they are in order of distance from Maratea as the crow flies (center to center):


San Nicola Arcella (CS) 

Scalea (CS) 

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