Capo la Nave - Renicedda beach | Cersuta Maratea

Capo la nave - Renicedda ( Cape of the Ship -little beach) beach


The beach of Renicedda or of Capo La Nave , is a small beach located just below the houses of Cersuta di Maratea.

To the north of this beach is the point called Capo la Nave ( Cape of the Ship), which hides a sad legend.
It is said that, in a remote time, a ship passed at the Cersuta coast.
The smooth sailing, however, was blocked by a sudden storm, which dangerously pushed the ship towards the rocks of the coast.
The ship's captain, fearing for his life and his crew, including his son still child, did all he could to avoid the collision, but nothing could the man's hand against the fury of the wind and waves: the ship's wood shattered on the rocks of the tip, and the captain, the only survivor, had to mourn the loss of his men and his son.

CAPO LA NAVE beach map - Cersuta


Only for calls from Italy.   Call costs are as follows (VAT inc.):

Land line: € 0.12 per click and € 1.83 per minute; TIM: 0.18 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; VODAFONE: 0.16 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; WIND: € 0,15 in response to the response and € 2,44 per minute; TRE: 0.61 € snap to answer and 2,44 € / minute



Where :

CERSUTA (see map

Accessible :by sea
Size :small
Public beach :YES
Family friendly :YES
Type :pebbles/rocks
Parking :
Stairs :NO
Beach Rank3***
Coordinate40.013794, 15.677198
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