Rena d’u Nastru beach | Cersuta Maratea

Rena d'u Nastru Beach


The beach of the  Rena d'u Nastru  ( in English belt beach)  is a beautiful Maratea beach located between the village of Cersuta and the rock where stands the tower Apprezzami l'Asino.
This beach, like some other Maratea, was formed in 1894, when the resulting materials of the railroad  were unloaded, via a conveyor belt, on the coast (hence the name).
It is very nice to walk on this beach during the winter, and enjoy the light of sunset slip into the cave of Palombi, placed in its southern end.
In 2015 through a survey promoted by LEGA AMBIENTE ( an enviromental non governative  Association)  on social this beach it was second in Italy for the beauty.

Rena d’u Nastru beach map - Cersuta


Only for calls from Italy.   Call costs are as follows (VAT inc.):

Land line: € 0.12 per click and € 1.83 per minute; TIM: 0.18 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; VODAFONE: 0.16 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; WIND: € 0,15 in response to the response and € 2,44 per minute; TRE: 0.61 € snap to answer and 2,44 € / minute

Beach features


Where :

CERSUTA (see map

Accessible :by land
Size :small
Public beach :YES
Lidos :NO
Family friendly :YES
Type :pebbles/rocks
Parking :YES
Stairs :YES
Beach Rank5*****
Coordinate40.009786, 15.680029