Crivo beach | Port of Maratea

Crivo beach

b-rank 2/5

In the past the beach of Crivo was one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Maratea Porto after the largest power plant, currently almost completely disappeared to make way for the main pier of the marina.

It reaches passing next to the roundabout and then at the cave called "Vuttaru" and then a staircase that leads to the sea level.

Today it is part of the Port  area and unfortunately it's no longer swimming.

Spiaggia del Crivo al Porto di Maratea


Only for calls from Italy.   Call costs are as follows (VAT inc.):

Land line: € 0.12 per click and € 1.83 per minute; TIM: 0.18 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; VODAFONE: 0.16 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; WIND: € 0,15 in response to the response and € 2,44 per minute; TRE: 0.61 € snap to answer and 2,44 € / minute

Beach features

 CRIVO beach 

Dove :

PORTO  (see map

Accessible :NO
Public beach :NOT FOR BATHING
Lidos :NA
Family friendly :NA
Type :sandy
Parking :NA
Stairs :YES (CLOSED)
Beach Rank2**
Coordinate39.988200, 15.711040