Cala Vecchia beach | Marina di Maratea

Cala Vecchia beach

b-rank 4/5

Cala Vecchia beach is a picturesque sandy mail language on its side of the Ilicini promontory, in the village of Marina di Maratea.

It is known erroneously as Santojanni beach is called Cala Vecchia (old Cove) or better yet the Old, because once the beach belonged to an elderly lady of the place.

The beach is enclosed in a small cove enclosed on one side by an imposing rock wall that delimits overhanging on one side with a grove of oaks and pines to the summit.

According to archaeologists, in the depths of this beach it is the wreck of a Roman galley sunk for having got too close to the coast.

CALA VECCHIA beach - Marina 

Self Catering Accommodation - near Marina

Mini apartment located a few hundred meters as the crow flies from the sea, with garden, terrace and parking. 
Ideal for family with children.

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Where :MARINA  (see map
Address for car navigation:Località Grotte, 3 Maratea
Accessible :by land
Public beach:NO
Lidos :YES
Family friendly :NO
Type :pebbles / rocks
Parking :FREE / TOLL
Stairs :YES
Accomodation :Hotel and B&B in Marina di Maratea
coordinate spiaggia: 39.968821, 15.726482
Beach Rank4****