Luppa beach | Acquafredda Maratea

Luppa beach

The Luppa beach of Acquafredda of Maratea lies under a chain of rocks that separates it from the beach Anginarra.

The beach stretches, mirror her sister beach to the rocks of Punta San Pietro, where there is Villa Nitti, residence of the statesman Lucan Francesco Saverio Nitti, president of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Italy.

You do not know the origin of its name, which also stands for one of the village quarters.

LUPPA beach  Map - Acquafredda


Only for calls from Italy.   Call costs are as follows (VAT inc.):

Land line: € 0.12 per click and € 1.83 per minute; TIM: 0.18 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; VODAFONE: 0.16 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; WIND: € 0,15 in response to the response and € 2,44 per minute; TRE: 0.61 € snap to answer and 2,44 € / minute

Beach features

LUPPA beach

Where :


Accessible :by land
Size :BIG
Public beach :YES
Family friendly :YES
Type :pebbles/rocks
Parking :free / toll
Stairs :NO
Beach rank4****
Beach coordinates40.036321, 15.667231
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