Macarro Beach Or Cala Grande /  Don Nicola

b-rank 5/5
The beach of Cala Grande ( In english Big Cove) is located in Marina di Maratea. Also called Cala di  Don Nicola , the beach is nowaday called the Macarro , which is the name of the charming area behind the beach, 

Dark sand, probably of volcanic origin, mixed with pebbles, in a natural bay with a magnificent pine forest background, with caves and shallows along the wings for snorkelers.

It is one of the most famous beaches of the coast of Maratea, open in front of the so-called Secca della Giumenta ( in English Mare shallow) , surrounded by Mediterranean greenery.

MACARRO beach map - Marina di Maratea


Only for calls from Italy.   Call costs are as follows (VAT inc.):

Land line: € 0.12 per click and € 1.83 per minute; TIM: 0.18 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; VODAFONE: 0.16 € for the response and 2,44 € / minute; WIND: € 0,15 in response to the response and € 2,44 per minute; TRE: 0.61 € snap to answer and 2,44 € / minute

Self Catering Accomodation - near Marina

Mini apartment located a few hundred meters as the crow flies from the sea, with garden, terrace and parking. 
Ideal for family with children.

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beach features

 MACARRO beach

Where :MARINA  (see map
Address for car navigation:Località Grotte, 3 Maratea
Accessible :by land
Size :BIG
Public beach:YES
Lidos :YES
Family friendly :YES
Type:sand / pebbles / rocks
Parking :FREE / TOLL
Accomodation :Hotel and B&B in Marina di Maratea
coordinate spiaggia: 39.966052, 15.730052 
Beach Rank5*****