Porticello beach | Acquafredda Maratea

Porticello Beach

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The Portacquafridda beach in Maratea is nicknamed by the people of the Acquafredda Porticello (little port) beach , since as a dock overlooking a bay sheltered from the sea currents.
On July 4, 1848 this beach was the scene of the landing of the patriot Costabile Carducci, attacked and killed by pro-Bourbon Legitimists and buried in the church of Acquafredda.
The beach is set in a beautiful natural setting with the mouth of the beautiful cave of the Dragon overlooking the beach, the largest natural cave never explored in Basilicata.
Near the cave there are the characteristic bushes of crìtano, called "seafood salad" by Acquafredda elderly, remembering when it was used as a spice.
Among the rocks of this beach toward the Marizza beach is a source of fresh water, pure and very cold, which gave its name to the village: Acquafredda = cold water.

PORTICELLO beach map - Acquafredda

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beach features


Where :


Accessible :by land
Size :medium
Public beach :YES
Family Friendly :YES
Type :pebbles/rocks
Parking :free / toll
Beach Rank3***
Coordinates40.032232, 15.676266

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