CALAFICARRA beach | Marina di Maratea

Calaficarra beach

BR 4/5

The Calaficarra Beach (In English Beach of the fig tree)  also called Scala ( stair) beach , is a pretty beach in Marina di Maratea placed in the midst of the beautiful white limestone and dolomite rock formations.

It is said that once you were connected to this beach via a staircase carved into the rock, from which it took its name, then swept away by the fury of the waves of a violent storm.

On the northern side of the beach there is a small cave, where you feel immersed to observe the reflections of light on the water creates turn.

Calaficarra beach  Marina di Maratea

Self Catering Accomodation

A flat in villa to rental,   with garden, terrace and parking, TV and free Wi-Fi. 

Ideal for family with children.

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Beach Features


Where :MARINA  (see map
Address for car navigation:Via Marina S.Teresa,6 85046 Marina PZ
Accessible :by land
Size :small
Public beach:YES
Family friendly :YES
Type :sand / pebbles / rocks
Parking :FREE / TOLL
Stairs :YES
Accomodation :Hotel and B&B in Marina di Maratea
coordinate spiaggia: 39.959458, 15.733947
Beach Rank4****