Santa Teresa beach | Marina di Maratea

Santa Teresa beach

BR 4/5

Santa Teresa beach or  Don Carlo cove , mistakenly called Calaficarra  (which is rather a small beach to the north)) is the most popular beach of Marina di Maratea.
It is actually the union of three small beaches, connected to each other by  the advancement of the coastline.

This charming beach is also ideal for romantic winter walks, pausing to explore the small terrestrial grottos under the ridge covering its northern side, from which you can observe the sea through evocative cracks in the rock.
At the center of this beach is the characteristic rock of Falchetto, where they are used to nesting peregrine falcons flying in the sky of Maratea.

Santa Teresa beach map Marina

Self Catering Accomodation

A flat in villa to rental,   with garden, terrace and parking, washing machine, TV and free Wi-Fi. 

Ideal for family with children.

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Beach Features


Where :MARINA  (see map
Address for car navigation:Via Marina S.Teresa,6 85046 Marina PZ
Accessible :by land
Size :BIG
Public beach:YES
Lidos :YES
Family friendly :YES
Type :sand / pebbles / rocks
Parking :FREE / TOLL
Stairs :YES
Accomodation :Hotel e B&B di Marina di Maratea
coordinate spiaggia: 39.958200, 15.734875
Beach Rank4****